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Sanity Please! A comm for like-minded fans.
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About The Community

Yes, yes, we know. Yet another FMA comm. Why was this created? The idea was brought forth in a discussion amongst some of the members about another community. While it is unarguably a good place for general news and fandom information, membership is so large and so varied, we felt that any real discussions would and could be easily buried amid arguments since it's well known that not all fans are mature enough to understand not everyone shares their point of view.

So this idea came forth of the desire to be able to talk among other fans who by and large view the series and manga in the same light as we, and if not, then are mature enough to still hold calm discussions on the pros and cons of various details. Yes, this is a highly focused and specialized community geared toward our own personal interests and other fans who share our outlook. If you do, you do. If you don't, you don't. Nothing more, nothing less and no harm, no foul.

Please be aware: although there are topics and issues outlined as not permitted, this should in no way be interpreted as meaning that anyone who DOES like those things is NOT a "sane fan". That was never the intention. The name fma_sanity is two-folded in meaning. We avoided wank by making a place we could play without bothering them, and we further avoid wank by making some, yes, somewhat harsh rules. We don't want people coming into our corner that we made so we wouldn't bother them and stirring up shit and bothering us. We're actually trying to make a live-and-let-live situation. This also means we will NOT tolerate comm members starting wank with fen they disagree with. We won't put up with it coming in OR going out. We aren't interested in fighting - just in our own little quiet corner of the fandom sandbox.

The comm's rules and the desired course was first established by a group of ten people hashing out what was wanted and weighing it against being too strict. Some things were ruled too excessive, some things were mutually agreed upon. We just want a place where we can discuss things we like to hear and read without having to deal with constant wank sploogefests, and we welcome others who share our point of view and desire to participate in the same sort of general conversation.

On a final note, if you are still offended by this community, and feel it is necessary to throw a squealing, stamping hissyfit and label us all 'elitist bitches', please. Go right ahead. It's your right to harbor your opinion, just as it's our right to harbor ours and create this community.

Disclaimers: Fullmetal Alchemist is © Hiromu Arakawa/Square ENIX, MBS, ANX, BONES, FUNimation Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. This fan-made community has no affiliation with the creators, fullmetalalchemist.com, or fullmetal-alchemist.com.

Rules provide structure. These aren't here to be draconian or bitchy or elitist, they're here to provide a framework for the type of community members would like to see. These rules are not the product of one person, but from suggestions from original members. Please read them. If you have an issue with anything, this might not be a comm that's to your liking. If you find yourself in agreement, this may be a comm you've been looking for.

1) No flaming or personal attacks. If you must disagree, at least do so in a mature and rational fashion. If you cannot formulate a response without rage, do take a walk away from the keyboard for a while and come back when you're calmer. Remember: sanity, please. We're here because we all pretty much view the series in a similar fashion, and would like to participate in reasonable, non-wanky, and non-stressful discussions about it.

2) No spoiling unless asked. This goes for posts and comments alike. If you want to discuss something which has events regarding a specific anime episode or manga chapter, note which episode(s) or chapter(s) are being discussed before the LJ-CUT. If you don't see a specific request to be spoiled, assume the person doesn't want spoilers. If there's any doubt - ask first. And don't spoil to a commenter in someone else's post.
    2a) Instructions for the LJ-CUT per the LJ FAQ.
    2b) A nifty way to post spoilers in posts and comments without accidentally spoiling anyone.

3) Stay on-topic. On-topic discussion pertains to not only FMA, both anime and manga alike, but discussions about alchemy in general, as well as the seven sins (not limited to the FMA characters) and the Philosopher's Stone.

4) No incest. You don't have to be against it to join, but consider this place an area where members can discuss the brothers as brothers, not lovers. There's no shortage of other areas on the 'net where incest (elricest in particular) is welcome, and not everyone enjoys it.
    4a) on that token, no pairings which involve Person A Over 18 and Person B Under 18 (although this is flexible if there's only a few months - a year or so between the ages; that gray area all teenagers in a relationship usually wind up skirting.) Many of the original members have a dislike for AdultxChild pairings, and as with incest, there's plenty of other places where those are welcome. (Since this part seems to have thrown many people on Fandom_Wank, I'll clarify. If one character in a romantic/hentai fic is an adult in the setting and time of the fic, and the other is a child in the setting and time of the fic, and the adult is not in that gray area between 18-20, that's the issue. If they are AxC in the time and setting of the 'fic, that's a no-go. Any questions?)

5) Fanfiction, Fanart, and Icons are all welcome. A few individual rules though:
    Fanfic: If it's longer than a drabble (100 words) put it behind an LJ-CUT. Smut fics are welcome, just be sure they're clearly labeled. (It's also strongly recommended that you use the LJ-CUT on long entries, regardless if it's 'fic or not.)
    Fanart: Must always be either behind an LJ-CUT, or a link to another site. No exceptions. Adult-oriented pictures are allowed, preferably only as a link though, and clearly labeled as Not Worksafe.
    Icons: Three icons per post allowed before the LJ-CUT, everything else, tuck it behind the cut. There still are people on Dial-up, after all. (If any icons are sexually graphic for whatever reason, put it behind a cut.)
        Side Note: Please do not use explicit icons in posts or comments, as some members read the comm from work, plus not everyone is of legal age to view such things.

6) And for the love of little fishies, don't use StIcKy CaPs under any circumstance, and keep chat/l33t-speak to a minimum - its usage is allowed in jest, just don't overdo it.

7) There will be NO attempt at Japanese-izing Edward and Alphonse's names. Their names, given to them canonically by the Japanese creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, are Edward and Alphonse. Ed and Al for short. Period. DO NOT CALL THEM Edo or Aru. Ever.
    7a) No fan-made names. Scar is not "Dave". There is absolutely nothing in any canonical source whatsoever to support this. At all. Lust has a name. It's Lust. Period. End of discussion. Fandom jokes are all well and good, but they are not, nor will they ever be canon, and should not be treated as such.
    7b) No Fan-ranks. If you want personal in-joke State Alchemist ranks for yourself and your buddies, go for it. But it really doesn't have a place in a comm that is not centered around you and yours. (Brief in-joke references in comments between friends are fine, but don't go overboard and don't get elitist and bitchy about it either.)
[Since this too needs clarification, apparently, this does NOT ban fandom injokes. It just... keep the group-specific injokes out or down to a bare minimum. If someone's seen the full series and/or read the manga, and are familiar with the source material, and they are a newcomer to the community, if it's not a joke that would be understood by people who haven't been part of the community for a while or who aren't part of your personal circle of friends, then that's a group-specific joke. That's extremely offputting to newcomers to a community or list and can cause them to refrain from participating.]
(Another example: Say there's a Slayers community with a running joke about making Xellos write a report on Morning Glories. That's canon off an event which occured. A running fandom in-joke gag among the FMA fandom is Ed's height or Roy's skirt fetish. I'm tired right now, so these are tame examples. Point being, the only thing necessary to get the jokes is to have seen/read and remember the source material in question. A joke that requires explanation and/or inclusion to another group is the problem. You can still make comments to another person in comments along these lines if the person would get it/is a friend of yours, etc, but don't just make solitary posts along these lines devoted to private "you had to be there" jokes.)

8) An extension of 7b: Do NOT attempt to play a "More fannish than thou" card, in any form of "I know _____ better than you, and you're an idiot" fashion. It's wanky and immature and rational fen are getting pretty effin' sick of people trying to play that card.
    8a) on that token, leave the sub vs. dub/Japanese vs. English voice actors argument alone. That horse has been not only beaten to death, but gutted, stuffed, mounted, and then revived by necromancy and then beat to death again. Please. Won't somebody think of the ponies?

9) For cryin' out loud, leave any tendencies to rabidly claim characters as personal property and go ballistic on any other fen at the door, or don't bother to come knocking.

10) No posts oriented toward a group injokes are allowed. Fandom injoke posts are permitted, however. For an example of what each two injoke types are, please read this post.

03.11.05 - Edited to change Elricest to Incest in general, clarified Adult/Child pairings, and explained - again - the difference between group in-joke and fandom in-joke.
06.15.05 - Opened membership to all, and removed the quiz. We'll see how it works.


Moderators can be found and contacted here: sanity_mods

One of the moderator's rants regarding a few issues that were prolific during a Fandom_Wank report can be found here.

Rule-breaking does not result in automatic banning. Three strikes are allowed, and the fourth leads to banland. All potential problems or issues are posted by the mods to the above comm, where it's discussed. If a strike sticks or a ban is put into effect, it's because all the mods have reached an agreement on the issue and it's not the decision of any one person. We may be strict, but we want to be as fair as possible, giving people wiggle room for mistakes while keeping the community ordered and on track for all other members.

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